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Cromwell Plastic Recycling increase polythene recycling capacity..

Following on from investment in new machinery and an expansion of their Polythene Recovery Service; Cromwell Plastic Recycling, part of the Cromwell Group since January of this year, has extended its capacity to recover and reprocess waste polythene.

The Polythene Recovery Service facilitates the collection of used polythene from customers and ensures resources are kept within the UK, in line with The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) guidelines for the recycling of plastic packaging. This recovered material is taken to their recycling facility, based in Derbyshire, for recycling and is then extruded into more film, increasing the recycled content of the factory’s output.

Cromwell Plastics Recycling specialises in recycling; film extrusion; and the manufacturing of polythene, film, bags, and sacks from both recycled and prime virgin polythene. The site manufactures low-density (LDPE), linear low-density (LLDPE), and medium density (MDPE) polyethylene, and compostable films. The films are used for food delivery and industrial packaging, and waste management applications. Bags, sacks and liners are produced for a range of businesses in the away from home market.

Aug 2020

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Waste Transfer Notes


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