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Photograph courtesy of Mogens Kristoffersen

Non Ferrous Club News - Golf Day.

For those that don’t know the Non Ferrous Club has been running for a number of year. Its membership is made up from non ferrous metal processors and traders who meet on a regular basis in or around Birmingham. Many great evenings and close friendships have been made at the club. However, with the virus outbreak the Non Ferrous Club hasn't been able to meet recently. Hopefully that will soon change and meetings (well a goodnight out) can begin again.

The first meeting scheduled in the calendar is the annual golf day which has been moved from its usual July date to Friday 25th September. It is being organised and coordinated by Shaun Ford of Alutrade so it’s going to be a great day out, no pressure on Shaun then. We’ve covered the Non Ferrous Club Golf Day in the past and I know everyone involved enjoys the day win or lose, the evening dinner and presentation is always well attended and golfers and supporters alike can have a well-earned drink. Good luck to all of the golfers let’s hope the day take place as planned and we get some decent weather.

If you are in the non-ferrous industry and you enjoy a relaxed, fun evening out in good, like minded, company or you’re a former member who wishes to renew his membership contact Nick Rose at Tandom Midlands Limited 07714 444766

June 2020

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