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The Kleenoil system reduces wear by keeping oil clean.

The Kleenoil Bypass Filter System passes only a small portion of the total oil flow through the highest density of filter cartridge. At a slow speed, it is possible to remove particles down to 1 micron (3 absolute), remove 99.95% of all water, greatly decrease engine wear and prolong oil life. Kleenoil can eliminate water and particle contamination, extend oil life up to 5 times and hydraulic oil up to 10 times, reduce engine/machine wear and component wear, dramatically reduce downtime, and is applicable to engines as well as hydraulic systems.

Originally Kleenoil was a subsidiary of British Tissues, one of the largest paper manufacturers in the U.K. Started in the late 70's during the then well known 'save-it' campaigns the Kleenoil filtration system was a means of conserving oil supplies. Being developed to primarily extend life of engine oil: Kleenoil made a significant impact on the U.K Vehicle market users found the reduction of component wear by keeping oil clean was such a tangible benefit that sales soared and agencies throughout the world were established in many countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas and Africa.  

Established markets continue to thrive with applications in the transport, logging, fishing, baking and many others. Every day, new markets for the applications of Kleenoil are discovered. The direction in the U.K has moved primarily to large bus fleets such as Stage Coach and Transdev, and Council refuse groups where the benefits are essential in so many ways, to hydraulics in factory equipment where cleanliness is critical and now serious solutions to biofuel and tank cleaning. 

Kleenoil is without doubt now the market leader in depth filtration media, and whilst through our years of trading, many have copied the concept - we still remain the largest manufacturer and supplier. 

Kleenoil is without doubt now the market leader in depth filtration media, and whilst through their years of trading, many have copied the concept they remain the largest manufacturer and supplier. The Kleenoil system continues to offer the best solution of fine filtration, and now with finer engine and fuel system tolerances, and machine manufacturers working towards the lowest maintenance, highest production yielding systems - never has filtration been so important. www.kleenoil.co.uk 

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Waste Transfer Notes


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