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GDT tyre recycling plant Australia

Green Distillation Technologies seeks to expand into Europe.

 Australian tyre recycler Green Distillation Technologies,  has developed technology that turns end-of-life tyres (ELTs) into refinery-ready oil, carbon and steel, seeks to expand into the European market.

Green Distribution Technologies Chief Operating Officer Trevor Bayley says, “The recent statement by Faziler Cinaraip of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) stating that only 42 percent of the 12 million tons of ELTs generated in Europe each year are recycled had heightened the company’s interest in the region.”

“In addition, there is the waning interest in crumbing tyres for sporting field infill, as well as a potential ban on this use,” Bayley says, referring to allegations regarding the safety of the recycled rubber used in these applications. In light of this, Bayley says Green Distillation Technologies offers a tyre recycling alternative.

“We are working hard to bring our first two Australian processing facilities in Warren in western New South Wales and Toowoomba in southern Queensland into full production and have plans for five other Australian plants in Gladstone, Wagga, Geelong, Elizabeth and Collie, western Australia.

“In addition, we are in negotiations to finalize agreements for plants in the U.S., U.K. and South Africa.”

He adds, “Each plant will have a capacity to process 19,300 tons of ELTs comprising a mix of passenger car, 4WD and truck tyres.”

Bayley says a typical car tyre will yield 1 gallon of oil, 4.6 kilos of carbon and nearly 2 kilos of steel, a truck tyre will provide 6.87 gallons of oil, 32 kilos of carbon, 14 kilos of steel.

“There is no shortage of raw material as there are 1.5 billion ELT discarded globally each year together with an existing stockpile of at least that volume in dumps around the world,” Bayley says. “In the light of this burgeoning environmental disposal problem, our approach provides a recycling solution as we are able to turn a world environmental problem into valuable and highly saleable materials.”

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Waste Transfer Notes


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