Waste Transfer Notes
Richard Taroni and Box of Cash

The curios case of a tin stuffed with cash that turned up at H W Taroni, Birmigham.

A brass box stuffed with cash and an important note turned up at Taroni’s of Birmingham. The locked box was found in a 15 tonne pile of scrap brass as it was being sorted at the yard in Aston.

Manager Richard Taroni said: "There was a note inside the tin - it said 'for the sick kids'. "It's our mission to get this back to the owner or make sure it gets to the right place."

The cash sum inside the tin has not been disclosed.

If the business cannot shed light on the tin's origins, it plans to double the cash inside and donate the funds to Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Mr Taroni said it was lucky the tin was found before it went into a processor.

"We had a really large pile of brass in the yard, we were sorting it out and [the tin] just stuck out," he said.

"We got it, the lock was still on it, so we took the lock off and inside was a load of money."

The family-run business said it would keep hold of the box until the end of the month in case the owner came forward, but otherwise donate the cash to charity.

Other local businesses are getting involved, with Julia White from Birmingham Autobreak Recycling saying she too will match the sum inside for the children's hospital cause.

"We want to give the kids a good Christmas this year, with all the restrictions in hospital," she said.

If, like Birmingham Autobreak Recycling,  you would like to help out with a contribution to the Children's hospital cause contact  Taroni's 0121 327 2959 or email sales@taroni.co.uk

Nov 2020

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Waste Transfer Notes


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