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MacRebur recycled plastic roads

Lockerbie based company that recycles plastic in asphalt to expand to USA.

MacRebur based in Lockerbie plans to take its system that uses end-of-life plastics in asphalt production to the United States of America. The company uses the plastic to enhance and extend the bitumen binder used in asphalt, which it says improves the quality of the road while providing a market for end-of-life plastics.

Toby McCartney, MacRebur CEO, says, “Plastic packaging is a huge problem in the U.S. and a large contributor to the 80 million tons worth of waste being produced every year. This troubling statistic presents us with an obvious opportunity to offer a green alternative to a growing problem.” 

He says that each mile of road made with MacRebur uses the equivalent weight of 1.19 million single-use plastic bags and that 1 ton of MacRebur uses the equivalent of 80,000 plastic bottles.

MacRebur’s U.S. operations will work with national construction businesses as well as asphalt manufacturers, bitumen producers and preblenders, according to the company.

“MacRebur offers the perfect green alternative for construction companies and businesses in the U.S. wishing to add environmental credentials to their builds,” McCartney says. “All our products meet various worldwide road standards and have been rigorously tested against standard asphalt, bitumen and polymer modified bitumen.

“MacRebur is currently in the process of finalizing an exact location within Florida,” he says. “The exact location will be announced as soon as this has been confirmed.”

The plant would be able to produce up to 10,000 tons of product per year, McCartney says.

“We have opportunities in Florida within the private market for parking lots and private roads,” he adds. “We will also be exporting some products to the Bahamas and Bermuda, so Florida is a key area for our development. Our USA Business Manager Topher Morrison is also located in Tampa.”

The company is exploring manufacturing licensing agreements to further expand MacRebur’s reach. “Our licensing agreements include full plant installation, IP (intellectual property) and business models for licensees,” McCartney says. “We help companies to get up and running from day one, so they can push a button and it will all kick into action.”

Feb 2021

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Waste Transfer Notes
Waste Transfer Notes


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